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New Year's Greeting

First and foremost, Mr. Nelson is a classically trained chef and artisan baker.

He loves to personally craft and share his world-famous creations with chocolate chip cookie devotees everywhere! Hopefully, you have been one of the lucky individuals to receive and to savor (with a full-bodied red wine or an ice-cold glass of milk!) one of the 288 cookies (made daily) he makes Monday thru Friday – an empyrean experience, indeed!!!

Well, given repeated requests, Mr. Nelson has agreed to provide on a very limited and selective basis an opportunity for him to create and to bake his cookies at your home or your special event. We like to call this special offering a Mr. Nelson’s Cookie Experience!

While quite witty, worldly and out-going, Mr. Nelson is very selective in the events he has agreed to attend, as compensation is not his motivating or deciding factor.

Mr. Nelson maintains a strictly confidential private client list. However, to date, Mr. Nelson has showcased his freshly-baked chocolate cookies at private wine tastings, very special birthdays, milestone anniversaries, senior management corporate retreats and “Fairytale” weddings.


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January 8, 2016

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