Behind the scenes of Kroll Call and some unforgettable songs [November 27, 2015]

FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 27, 2015 (6pm ET/3pm PT). It’s a look behind the scenes of Kroll Call with interviews from the folks who help make this show happen every week. Kroll Call is hosted by Dan J Kroll.

Have you ever wondered what it takes to put together an episode of Kroll Call each and every week? While you tend to think only of Dan when you think of Kroll Call, there is an incredible support team working away from the microphone to make sure that the show goes off without a hitch.

This week Dan pays thanks to those who help him with the show, include Voice America’s Jon Missall, Ryan Champion, Jeff Gerstl, Angie Treasure, and Randy Jackman. Plus, hear from the bookers about some of the challenges they face in getting guests on the show, and one guest who keeps on coming back regardless of the topic.

And every single guest is going to share with us an “earworm,” a song that they cannot shake from their head. We guarantee that at least one of the songs we play will pop up in your head in the very near future.

Kroll Call airs every Friday at 6pm Eastern/3pm Pacific, and anytime on demand at Free podcast downloads are available on iTunes and the Voice America Talk Radio Network. Kroll Call is hosted by Internet pioneer and personality Dan J Kroll, who developed the most widely read soap opera web site, — a site that has been going strong since 1995.

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