As The Soap Turns: The recent shocking twists of daytime dramas [July 31, 2015]

FRIDAY, JULY 31, 2015 (6pm ET/3pm PT). The world of soap operas is constantly evolving. With just four left on daytime, network executives are pulling out all the stops, including shocking and unannounced deaths, firing of behind-the-scenes creatives, and even asking viewers for their input. Kroll Call is hosted by Dan J Kroll.

Kroll Call goes back to its Soap Central Live roots for an hour of anything and everything soap. Soaps In Depth’s executive editor Richard Simms returns to the show to help navigate some of the biggest soap stories of the moment.

After 37 years, Tony Geary opted to walk away from his General Hospital alter ego. And while the foggy sendoff was reportedly not what the actor wanted, fans have been vocal about what they wanted from the farewell episode. And did GH miss a huge opportunity to lure in new or lapsed viewers? General Hospital also parted ways with its head writer, Ron Carlivati, a man that Geary had stinging criticism for. Did Ron need to be replaced, or did he just need some time to recharge his batteries. And what challenges do the show’s new co-head writers face?

Then, The Bold and the Beautiful pulled off yet another shocker. Just a few months after it stunned daytime viewers by announcing that a core character was a transgender woman, the CBS soap killed off a major character. Are unannounced plot devices a way to keep fans talking, or is it better to leak details of plot twists to generate pre-show buzz? Dan and Richard will share their thoughts.

Plus, CBS is asking fans of The Young and the Restless for their thoughts on the show’s direction. While some fans have been critical of the show’s head writer, ratings are on the upswing. So does it really matter what fans have to say?

And then, the most shocking twist… insert dramatic music here. Tune in for the exciting and continuing saga of Kroll Call!

Kroll Call airs every Friday at 6pm Eastern/3pm Pacific, and anytime on demand at Free podcast downloads are available on iTunes and the Voice America Talk Radio Network. Kroll Call is hosted by Internet pioneer and personality Dan J Kroll, who developed the most widely read soap opera web site, — a site that has been going strong since 1995.

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  1. Linda Wernsing // August 3, 2015 at 9:24 PM // Reply

    I am so saddened by the departure of Tony Geary from GH. I have been an avid fan of GH for soooo many years!! I vividly remember Luke and Laura’s wedding, and all the numerous storylines over the years. Please keep me updated on what is happening! Thank you!!!

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