Kroll CAll-For-One: Honoring those who have made a difference

Paying it forward. Showing gratitude. Spreading love. Saying thank you.

There are many names that you can use for a new campaign we’ve started here on Kroll Call. But rather than getting bogged down in what to call it, we want to tell you what it is. The Internet is a powerful tool. It’s a place to get information about almost anything imaginable. It’s a place to connect with other people from around the world. And yes, it’s a place to hear interviews with celebrities and people from every walk of life.

Rather than focusing on the bad things that we all encounter on the ‘net, we want to help make a difference.

Is there someone who has made a difference in your life? Is there someone in your life that has helped you through a rough patch? Is there someone who is going through a rough patch of their own, and you want to make sure  they know they know that you care?

We want to share your story and theirs. In addition to sharing inspirational and positive stories, we’ll do our part to make the person you nominated know how much you care. It could be a phone call from a favorite actor, a special song from a favorite artist, or a gift certificate for a fabulous spa day.

Use the Feedback form at the bottom of this post to share with us your story. Be sure to include contact information so we can reach out to you to hear more about your story.

Post an Instagram photo/video, a Facebook post, or a Tweet. Be sure to use the hashtag #krollcall so we can find and track your post.


The nominations period begins June 1, 2015, and will continue through the end of the year. We’ll pick those nominees that we feel are the most deserving then start reaching out to help share the love through the Kroll Call-4-1 campaign





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