Valentine’s Day: The Flying Solo Edition

Even many folks who are perfectly fine with being single 364 days of the year can find themselves feeling a bit blue when Valentine’s Day rolls around. After all, as manufactured holidays go, it’s a pretty pervasive one. But maybe it’s time for someone to remind the singletons of the world just how lucky they are to be flying solo on Cupid’s big day. Why? So glad you asked!

* You won’t be dragged by a date to the flick 50 Shades Of Grey. And can we just send a shout-out to the marketing genius who somehow managed to link bondage-themed mommy porn to the most romantic day of the year? Kudos, sir. Kudos.

* While everyone else is struggling to make last-minute reservations at a romantic restaurant, we single folks can order a pizza, curl up on the couch and watch an actual decent movie. Forget rom-coms, fire up a great fright flick!

* No worrying that the plans you made simply won’t live up to the expectations placed upon the day, or watching the person across the table’s eyes for that flicker of disappointment that says, “Better luck next year, bud.”

So live it up, my fellow singletons! What none of our coupled-up friends and neighbors realize is that they’re being manipulated by the greeting card and jewelry industries while we sit back and laugh, reveling in our freedom!

Besides… there’s always next year.

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