S.A.F.E’s Jason Warner, Astrologer Christopher Witecki and Actress/Author Catherine Hickland (February 13)

FRIDAY, February 13 (6pm ET/3pm PT) This week on Kroll Call, we’re talking to astrologer Christopher Witecki about Soulgarden, Namaste Today, Saturn in Sagittarius and more. Then, Jason Warner, of the duo Jason and deMarco, will talk about S.A.F.E (Safe, Affirming, Family Environment), their nonprofit organization for homeless LGBTQ youth. And Catherine Hickland stops by to talk about how she is lending her star power to help raise money for a really good cause. Kroll Calls steams live at krollcall.com

What better way to celebrate the end of Mercury Retrograde than by chatting with your Sensei to Sirius* Joy, astrologer Christopher Witecki. Christopher will talk about Saturn being in Sagittarius for the first time since 1986. Pluto is in Capricorn for the first time since 1776.  We have a re/evolution coming!  Starting with the stock market, and leading to more profound changes in 2018.  He will also chat about “Namaste, Today & the Zodiac Weather” (available mornings on Soulgarden.tV and YouTube.com/soulgardentv) and the real-time, text-messaged-based life coaching  “Sirius*Joy Personal Sensei Service.”

In 2010 Jason, with his husband deMarco, created a nonprofit organization that helped over 400 clients just eight months after opening their drop-in center. Jason will share the work S.A.F.E has done for homeless LGBTQ youth at their Nashville ranch, launching their MOHO project and the nonprofit’s current GoFundMe campaign to raise funds for foster youth transitional housing.

Catherine Hickland is known for numerous roles in daytime television, including, most recently, her work as Lindsay Rappaport on One Life to Live. Since exiting the show, she has been touring the country with her comedy hypnosis act and using her acquired experiences to help people live their best lives. Her most recent message of telling women how to “Look 10 years Younger,” teaches that looking better can help you feel better, and feeling better can make you do better.

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