Scandal Post Mortem: Hit Or Miss?

The midseason premiere of ABC’s Scandal found our favorite gladiator being kidnapped, tortured and manipulated by mysterious forces with an agenda all their own. Directed by Tom Verica (who Shondaland fans will know for his work as How To Get Away With Murder’s Sam), the hour was suspenseful, twisty and built to an ending right out of The Twilight Zone.

My personal favorite moment? The awesome monologue in which Abby burst Olivia’s bubble by pointing out that her dream life was just that.

“What,” said Abby, “he resigned from office, just like that, and poof! You’re here? Where’s Mellie? Where’s Karen? Where’s Teddy? Where are his kids? Where’s the press that I’m betting would be swarming you on a daily basis if the president of the United States went all Wallace Simpson on America? And what, now you make jam for a living? Really? Do you know how to use a dutch oven? Do you know how to turn on a regular oven? And what about Huck? You leave Huck and get a dog and Huck’s what, in a pound somewhere? None of this makes any sense!”

And while the ending left us with a whole lot of questions, it also left us dying for next week’s episode!

Did you love the episode… or have issues with it? Hit the comments or take the poll below to let us know your thoughts!

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