Hot Topics: It’s an hour of listener calls (December 12)

FRIDAY, DECEMBER 12 (6pm ET/3pm PT) One of the most important matters on Kroll Call is making sure we talk about topics that are of interest to our listeners. And this week, for the first time, we’re allowing listeners to call in and tell us what issues are on their minds. It’s an hour of listener calls… on Kroll Call!

So far on Kroll Call, we’ve offered advice on love and relationships. We’ve had experts give you amazing tips on how to save money and how to look your best in the clothes you buy. Our resident Kitchen Witch has shared ways to make tasty meals with ease. We’ve connected you with some of your favorite stars of television and film. Now we’re taking you to all the places that you want to go. We are opening up the phone lines for the entire hour to talk with you about the things that are on your mind. Maybe you’re stressing out about the holidays, or perhaps you’re concerned about the recent police shootings. Maybe you’re not quite that deep and want to discuss the recent Royal visit or the midseason finale of your favorite television shows.

Whatever is on your mind is what will be on our list of hot topics. All you have to do is dial 866.472.5788 during our live show on Friday, December 12, starting at 6pm Eastern/3pm Pacific. You could be connected to Dan and any other guests who will discuss your topic with you. Remember this is a professional format, so please be respectful.

And there will be at least one giveaway during the show — but we can’t tell you when, so you’ll need to be sure to listen for the entire hour and watch our Twitter (@krollcallshow) feed for hints!



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