Scandal! Grey’s! Murder! Who Did It Best?

NBC may once have been the home of Must-See TV, but thanks to ABC transforming Thursday nights into Shondaland, their lineup is pretty much the only thing anybody’s talking about around the water cooler on Friday mornings. And that’s especially true today, thanks to last night’s winter finale’s in which secrets were revealed, truths were told, lives were on the line and, this being Shondaland, there was dancing.

On SCANDAL, Liv admitted she wasn’t ready to decide between the men in her life — “I want Vermont with Fitz,” she told Jake, adding, “I also want the sun with you” — right before being abducted, apparently, by the evil vice president. The show also had several contenders in the battle for “line of the night”, including Mama Pope telling Liv, “Girl, you need to move on!” and Mellie telling Liz that them both sleeping with Andrew “doesn’t make us friends, it just makes us at risk for the same STDs.” The show also had the best music cue of the year, using “Endless Love” to underscore a brutal physical altercation between Charlie and Quinn.

Although ads for GREY’S ANATOMY made it seem as if the hour would center on April and Jackson’s baby, they were, blessedly, a minor component of the episode. Instead, we got Meredith and Derek’s season-long crisis reaching a shocking (and yet, oddly, predictable) crescendo, Owen and Amelia agreeing to be pals (meaning, we suspect, future lovers), and Geena Davis uttering the words that most definitely need to be on a T-shirt, “Stop stealing my orgasms!” Oh, and it looked like April and Jackson’s baby would, as Herman said, have a “short, painful life.”

On HOW TO GET AWAY WITH MURDER, we at long last got the answer to the hashtag #WhoKilledSam. And in typical Shondaland fashion, the answer (Wes) was not nearly as interesting as the final-moment reveal (Annalise has known all along). That show’s best line? “Enough about the ring, Frodo!” (You had to be there.)

So, now that you’ve recovered from the blitzkrieg of shocks, it’s time to look back on last night’s holy triumvirate of dramas and answer the difficult question… which show had the best winter finale?

Which Shondaland series had the best winter finale?


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