Usually on soaps, the question asked after a baby’s birth is “Who’s the daddy?” But thanks to the fact that DAYS OF OUR LIVES’ Kristen appears to have basically hijacked Theresa’s baby, there could be a very messy custody case brewing somewhere down the line! And we couldn’t help but think that the poor bambino in question might just be doomed either way, what with its genetic mix being that of perpetual addict Brady and either fellow addict Theresa or scheme queen Kristen! With that in mind, we had to wonder… who do you think would make the better mom? Take our survey below, and then be sure to tune in Friday, November 21 when Theresa’s portrayer, Jen Lilley, joins us on Kroll Call, where we’ll ask her to weigh in on the subject!

Which DAYS OF OUR LIVES scheme queen would be a better mom?


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