Two Men, One Choice: Are You Team Jake or Team Fitz?

If you ask SCANDAL’s Rowan, he’d tell you that a girl’s best friend is her father. Which, if true, is downright scary for poor Olivia. And certainly this week’s episode gave the poor woman reason to think she may have made a mistake in trying to sever their relationship. But even while she’s trying to deal with the fallout from her latest dinner with daddy, we have much more pressing matters to discuss.

Namely, the men in her life.

When SCANDAL began, it seemed pretty clear that Olivia and Fitz were the star-crossed lovers we were meant to root for. And heaven knows, we swooned whenever the two shared a moment of intimacy. But then, along came Jake… and some viewers actually found themselves saying, “President who?”

Well, now, we are a nation divided, and there’s only one way to settle the question which threatens to tear us apart. Vote in the Kroll Call poll, letting us know whether you are Team Fitz or Team Jake… and then hit the comments below to tell us why!


Are You Team Fitz Or Team Jake?


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20 Comments on Two Men, One Choice: Are You Team Jake or Team Fitz?

  1. I 100% in support of Team Fitz because although Olivia is obviously torn between two lovers and yes one of them is married(in a dead/business marriage I might add)Fitz and Olivia “Olitz” have a tremendous amount of chemistry that she definitely does not have with Jake,and no matter how confused Olivia is about her feelings I truly believe she has a different more profound love for Fitz,she has a love for Fitz she will never have with Jake,with Jake it was rebound love point is her heart belongs to Fitz. With that being said I will always choose Team Fitz.

  2. Rosemary Bethea // November 14, 2014 at 7:23 PM // Reply

    Because they love each other and doesn’t do well when they are apart. They know each other like no one can know them. They are beautiful together, like they said before they “belong” to each other.

  3. maria Pereira // November 14, 2014 at 9:04 PM // Reply

    how can someone loving you when all he does is try to choke you,lie to you,filming you in a intimate moment…this is not love.

  4. Don’t do teams. No such thing as Olake. Only Fitz and Liv. Regardless of who she chooses.

  5. I voted for Fitz due to the fact that the onscreen romance and their chemistry together is amazing. Regardless of the husbands’ and lovers we have at home, we get to fantasize and dream about having a love like theirs, even if it isn’t real. It’s passion and we get to live those stolen moments with them and we live to see them come together. Jake is sexy but their chemistry is off, and he jumped in their too quick talking about loving her, he wasn’t convincing enough so it seems forced which then becomes a turn off.

  6. I vote for Fitz. The best character on the show who truly loves Olivia Pope. Jake is a snake and he’s dirty like her dad Rowan.

  7. Fitz of course. I find Olake to be gross and forced.

  8. I vote for Fitz because the actors have such great romantic chemistry. Also, his status as the President and his complex history with Liv is just a more suitable and challenging match for the character of Olivia. Both have public prestige and status within the confines of the story and their relationship is grounded within the original premise of the show, a political thriller. Also, Fitz obviously loves Olivia and will do anything for her. Liv really pulls the strings in that relationship and she will manipulate him for her own use, when needed. The Jake character is just all around terrible. He has no political or public status, he’s a professional murderer, an underling of her father, no job, no money, and he made a sex videotape of them for her father (very icky), fought with Liv-causing her concussion, threatened to kill her, choked her, and bunch of other creepy stuff. I draw the line at hospitalization and choking. It really doesn’t help that the actor has no range, the sex scenes have no heat, and are very awkward. Poor casting.

  9. I voted for Fitz because he is the more mature, better person and he shares a bond with Olivia that will not be broken. I don’t think Jake loves Olivia he loves himself and is consumed with hatred/jealousy for Fitz that goes beyond anything else. THAT is why he wants Olivia

  10. Fitz and Liv have true love for one another. The chemistry between them is amazing and the reason I keep watching the show. Liv and Jake the snake have no chemistry at all.

  11. I may be the lone ranger, bit I vote for Jake. At first he was just doing a job but he did fall for her and he fell hard might I add. Can’t deny Fitz and live have chemistry but I really don’t see out being more than that. He only wants liv because he likes the thrill of the chase. Once that thrill is gone, the relationship will be boring to him. Jake was willing to give up everything to stand in the sun with her, which they did. Jake knows he’s not the one who holds her heart (right now) but he still yearns for her love.

    • Jake has nothing. He has no status. He is not the President. He rides the coattails of Liv. What did he give up? He’s solely focused on revenge. Revenge against Fitz and whatever perceived slights he has against him. Revenge against Liv’s father, for recruiting him and making him a part of B6-13. He’s a whiner and a mediocre operative. He’s an insubordinate and follows an inherently anti-democratic rogue intelligence group that doesn’t answer to the President but a secretive cabal led by Rowan. Liv is just a pawn in his revenge against Fitz and his take down of her father. Liv deserves better than Jake. Liv is a pawn in his power play over Rowan and Fitz. Its freaking gross how she’s not even an actual object of his affection. You see it in his love scenes with Liv. Fitz is always on his mind and in their conversations.

  12. Ballard is a character with no charisma and boring, Foley is a mediocre actor and his chemistry with KW is nonexistent.

    Scandal gain much to get rid of this guy because everything around Joke and Foley is mediocre.

    So Fitz off course.

  13. I will always choose Fitzgerald Grant, he is so sweet and there’s nothing in the world he won’t do for his Liv.

  14. I find that Fitz is becoming a tiresome, wimpy crybaby when it come to Olivia. Besides, Jake is single and sexier and possibly less of a danger to Olivia than her daddy! HA! If Fitz is to become her one and only, send Jake to me!!!! ;D

  15. Fitz is a weak, crybaby. He just wants to win liv for the sake of winning. Their sex scenes are supposed to be sexy but they sound like he’s taking to his whore. But of course the background music is pretty. Jake is the only one who cares about how things affect Olivia and getting her out. Remember he started the “stand in the sun”….#teamjake

  16. TeamFitz all the way! Olitz has a chemistry off charts. Fitz is in love with Olivia no doubt..there is nothing he would do for her. He built her a house! He has tried to give up his presidency for her. Olivia is Just a prize for Jake and above all she will never love him the way she loves Fitz

  17. Fitzgerald Thomas Grant III and Olivia Carolyn Pope were made for each other. When their in each other’s orbit it’s a natural magnetic pull that can’t be denied no matter the odds against them. Fitz is a grown ass sexy man compared to Jake the Snake. Jake is an abuser and a sociopath. Fitz has eye sex with Olivia before he touches her that’s how deep these two are he doesn’t have to touch her and she just melts. He shows Olivia his love and will make her show it not just tell it that’s what I love about this sexy man. When they come together to make love it’s pure magic they know each other on the deepest level, and their love making shows they have something unique. He’s the son of Jor-El aka Superman.

  18. I’ll always luv me some Fitz with Olivia, they have on screen & off screen chemistry makes you just get all gooey on the inside no matter whether you have a husband or not ooh-whew!!! & I luv to see a couple like that

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