NJ woman sues parents to pay for her college tuition

A 21-year-old New Jersey woman is suing her estranged parents to make them pay for her out-of-state college tuition.

Her parents, Maura McGarvey and Michael Ricci, who are divorced, say that Caitlyn left home because she didn’t want to follow her mother’s rules. Caitlyn’s attorney says that his client was kicked out of the house.

The parents maintain that they would have helped Caitlyn pay for her college expenses if she lived under her mother’s roof, agreed to follow the rules of the house, and attended college in New Jersey. A judge, though, ruled otherwise, saying that New Jersey law requires parents to contribute to their children’s college tuition to the tune of $16,000.

You can watch an in-depth interview from Philadelphia’s 6ABC at the top of this page, and after you do we want to know what you think. Should the parents be required to contribute to their children’s college tuition?

Should the parents be required to contribute to their 21-year-old daughter's college tuition?


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