Tammy Lee Dwyer (Guest Bio)

“As a Parent, the best present you can get is that prized macaroni necklace. It cost nothing, but each little piece represents love. I hope that’s what the Pickle Tradition will remind families of each year.  That the best presents are made and given with love.” – Tammy Dwyer

Tammy was raised in Fort Lauderdale, Florida by her parents Peg and Doug Buchan. She also has an older sister, Holly Mitchell. Tammy went to Fort Lauderdale High school, and then attended Boston College where she met her husband Joseph Dwyer (on the last day!).  She now calls downtown Philadelphia home with her husband and three small children.  She owns two childcare facilities in Philadelphia, and provides care for over 200 children. http://www.thegivingtreedaycare.com/

Before opening The Giving Tree Tammy worked for The American Bread Company, an east-coast Panera Bread franchise, as their Director of Marketing.

Tammy learned about the Pickle Tradition in 2012 while on a shopping trip with her son Joseph. Having been scheduled to read to his Kindergarten class for “Breakfast With Santa”, she was searching for a small holiday present to give the class. That’s when her son handed her a pickle ornament attached to a small card explaining the Pickle tradition.  She quickly purchased 16 of them, and then headed to Barnes & Nobles to find a children’s about the tradition. No luck!

“After doing some research, there seemed to be three or four conflicting versions of how the tradition started – and no real meaning behind it.”

Determined to give the Pickle meaning, Tammy started writing The Christmas Pickle Tradition. “I thought it would take me a few weeks,” Tammy admits “But weeks turned into months and I gained a whole new respect for writers!”

From start to finish this has been a two year labor of love for Tammy and her team. “I’m proud of the product and story we have created and I can’t wait to share it with other families. It’s an easy tradition to adopt – and super fun for kids of all ages. I’ve even seen college kids hunt for the Pickle – it’s a little more competitive at that age and hilarious to watch!”

Tammy is also the author of Santa Took My Presents Back, also coming out Christmas 2014.


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