Terri Ivens (Guest Bio)

Terri is best known for her seven-year portrayal of Simone Torres on ABC’s All My Children, Roger Corman’s Pirahnaconda, and UBNRadio’s Going To Bed With Terri Ivens.
ivens_terriTerri has been an entertainment professional since the age of 10. As a teen she has worked with Matthew Perry on FOX’s Boys Will Be Boys, Neil Patrick Harris on ABC’s Doogie Howser MD, Jennifer Love Hewitt on ABC’s Byrds Of Paradise, and Mariel Hemingway on ABC’s Civil Wars to just name a few. She had pilot spin offs for Roseanne, Baywatch, and Married With Children. Her film credits include Marked For Death, Trancers 4 & 5, Jimmy Hollywood, and the newly released Chicks Dig Gay Guys.
In 2014, Terri released her first novel, The Buzz: Pointing Fingers, the story of a high school girl who dreams of finding love and fitting in.
Terri has appeared in dozens of commercials, print ads, and is an accomplished voice-over talent.
She is a sports junkie and an avid Twitter follower of her favorite players and ticket holder for her favorite teams.


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Learn more about Terri’s book, The Buzz: Pointing Fingers



November 7 – Terri talks about her book, The Buzz, and joins Jeremy Helligar and Mukee Okan on our relationships and sex panel.


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