Halloween: Scary movies, Kara Cooney on mummies and coffins, and a trick-or-treat snack giveaway (October 31)

FRIDAY, OCTOBER 31 (6pm ET/3pm PT) This week on Kroll Call, it’s a Halloween spooktacular hosted by sometimes-zombie king Dan J Kroll. We’re counting down the scariest movies of all-time and then getting wrapped up in a discussion about mummies and coffins. Plus, put on your best Halloween costume for a chance to call in and win some of Dan’s favorite snacks. (Costumes are optional, but listening to the show live is required.)



sm_simmsTelevision critic Richard Simms offers a look at some of the scariest television series and films of all-time. Were you afraid to take a shower after seeing Psycho? Did you avoid hockey games after seeing Friday the 13th? Did Ghostbusters put an end to adding marshmallows in your hot chocolate? We want to hear what your picks for all-time scariest movies are, so let us know on Twitter @krollcallshow!



Then, you can’t talk about Halloween without discussing mummies… and coffins! Kara Cooney, an expert in Egyptology, discusses her new book THE WOMAN WHO WOULD BE KING: Hatshepsut’s Rise to Power in Ancient Egypt, and the television series she produced with her husband, Neil Crawford, entitled Out of Egypt. And she scares up the details of her six-year study that has taken her around the world to study… coffins!

Plus, ask any kid what Halloween is all about and they’ll undoubtedly say the candy. But where does that leave their parents? Rummaging through Junior’s candy stash after he goes to bed to pick out all the good pieces? There’s none of that on Kroll Call. (And by none we mean let’s, um, just not talk about it.) Listen in for a fun and tasty Brownie Brittle trick-or-treat giveaway and special savings exclusively for Kroll Call listeners: Use the coupon code KrollCall to save 30% on any online order at browniebrittle.com.


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