Dan J Kroll (Host Bio)


For twenty years, Dan J Kroll has been at the forefront on online news and entertainment. In March 1995, he launched one of the first Internet sites devoted to all-things-soap-opera called soapcentral.com. The web site quickly exploded in popularity and now has more than 2.4 million unique users every month.

Several years later, Dan became the first Internet-only journalist to be granted press credentials to a national Emmy Event. Dan has been a Red Carpet fixture conducting awards show interviews and premieres since 1999.

In January 2010, Dan expanded the soapcentral.com brand by hosting a weekly Internet radio program called Soap Central Live. The forerunner of Kroll Call, in its 250 episode run, more than 350 stars from in and around the world of daytime visited Soap Central Live. Through a variety of games, including the ever-popular $250 Soapyramid, Soap Central Live raised over $25,000 for soap stars’ favorite charities. The soapcentral.com web site has raised an addition $250,000 for charitable works and causes, making it the most philanthropic of all soap-related web sites.

While it seems that online success has come easy to Dan, he didn’t set out to conquer the Internet. From the age of 6, Dan knew that he wanted to be a doctor — and even attended Temple University with the  sole intention of becoming  a doctor. However, as it often does, fate intervened.

sm_kroll_02Long before becoming a Red Carpet interviewer and popular radio host, Dan starred as the zookeeper in a second-grade play, a role that was written specifically for him. Flash forward a couple — okay a couple of dozen — years and Dan has several reef tanks in and around his office with six, er five… let’s just say an ever-changing number of fish. He’s a Pisces, so that probably explains the affinity for fish.

Dan is an award-winning snacker and has never met a cupcake that he didn’t like. Actually, that’s not entirely true. He once had a very dry red velvet cupcake and, after eating it, was inconsolable for days. But he still ate the whole thing.

Often Dan pairs his foodie side with another talent — overhearing some of the strangest things you’ll hear. He often shares these “OVERHEARD” pieces on his Twitter feed @danjkroll. You can also find him scouring airports for celebrities look-alikes.

Dan lives in Philadelphia, but don’t ask him where the best place is to get a cheesesteak.




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